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About Us

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My story begins in the early 1990s when my family and I immigrated from Bolivia to Virginia. My wife and I left our home country in hopes of a better life and future for our daughter. Eager to begin earning a living I began to work for a reputable waterproofing company. I learned the trade and how to fix wet basements, crawl spaces, and damaged foundations. I then worked as a contractor for another waterproofing company and learned how to work directly with clients. My goal was to be able to continue in the waterproofing business but to do so as an LLC. When establishing Ernest Waterproofing LLC I promised to give families ease of mind when dealing with water damage. I believe that a good home is built with trust, love, hard work, and dedication. These are traits that have been passed down in my family from generation to generation. I believe that a respectable business is built with the very same foundations. My goal is to expand the longevity of your home and more importantly keep your home safe from water damage. We do this by providing impeccable workmanship and providing an earnest commitment. Thank you for trusting my small business to enter your home. It has been an honor to have served DMV families for over 30 years. 

Ernesto Velasquez

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